The Duality of Leadership and the Importance of Trust

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Jon Andrews wrote a very thought-provoking article last weekend about the tension he faces  between the type of leader he wants to be, and the type he sometimes finds himself being.

I also struggle between being the  leader I want to be and the leader I sometimes have to be.

I want to be a leader who empowers and supports teachers, who listens and consults, who doesn’t impose directions, but builds a collective vision that teachers buy in to and have ownership of. I want to support teachers, help them to develop professionally, pursue their passions and reach their goals.

But sometimes I have to be the leader who tells. Sometimes times I have to say “no” or  make unpopular decisions that people may not understand. Sometimes I have to hold teachers to account and tell them to lift their game. Sometimes I need to impose deadlines or require paperwork that for me is essential but can appear to…

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Monday Memo – Week 8, Term 1 2015

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Welcome to the 2nd last week of the Term 1 ( I know you are all counting down -no need to deny it)!!

Some very good news – as you may have read in the newspapers the Department of Education has put in some additional funds to our budgets for 2015, specifically for Low Socio-Economic Schools.  A media statement is attached.  Prior to that we were looking at taking funds from our Reserve Accounts to reduce some shortfall in our funding for staffing.  We anticipated an enrolment of 490 students, counted 496 at Census and now have 508 students enrolled.

Increase in finalised budgets for public schools

$wise: Total $5 242 999 which is $221 171 more than we anticipated.  This is comprised of:

  • Student funding – $42 408 more
  • Aboriginality – $82 281 more
  • Social disadvantage – $100 381 more
  • Locality – $1460 more
  • Universal Access Additional Funding – $52 781 (Additional 4 hours per Kindergarten student for our 59 enrolled Kindergarten students to make up the 15 hours of  universal access to early childhood education).
  • We are also awaiting additional funding for a couple of special needs students whom we are waiting to be assessed by Disability Resourcing.

What does this mean for us?

Staffing wise we can now advertise a 0.4FTE to 0.5FTE Deputy Principal position for the remainder of the year as a Fixed Term position.  It also means that for now we are safe from looking at the Redeployee process we may have had to consider in regards to our special needs EAs.  The Deputy Principal  position will be advertised later this week.

Staffing Update: Currently looking at finding a suitable replacement for Justine Bell for Terms 2 – 4.


Topic: Trauma Informed Practice for School Staff with Karen Hulls (

Time: 8.55am to 3.00pm

Venue: Towns Football Club.  Morning Tea and Lunch Provided.

Geraldton Endeavour staff will also be joining us.

Some Trauma Resource links for you in the SAER section

Playground Update: Annette Ioppolo from Forpark Australia will meet with Narelle, Steve and the Faction Captains on Wed 25 Mar at 1.30pm.

Narelle has also secured a significant discount from Playmaster for the delay in their installation and repair of identified issues.  Steve is in the process of re-concreting the posts in  and the playground should be ready to use very soon.

For the crafty person in you all: Recipe for homemade herb and spice play dough below:

Monday Memo – Week 9

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1. Thought of the day

Teacher quote


PBS Meeting – Monday 30th March – 3.15pm in the Staffroom

Staff meeting on Tuesday 31st March – 3.15pm in the Library


Wed 1st April – Year  6 Leadership Day

Newsletter out on Wednesday – happy to have student works emailed and/or scanned to Sharin or myself by Monday afternoon.


Monday 30th –  Amber Samulkievicz – CPC -Rangeway

Tuesday 31st to Thursday 2nd April – Lisa Capewell and Behrooz Elsam, Pia Wadjarri RCS

Thursday 2nd April – Tully Clayton – Market Creations and maybe even a special guest appearance by the Easter Bunny!!!

Teachers from Pia Wadjarri RCS at Rangeway PS this week

Due to predicting flooding and road closures it was deemed that staff would not be able to leave the school later this week so we are hosting two teachers from Pia Wadjarri RCS this coming week. Please make welcome Lisa Capewell and Behrooz Elsam.  Lisa will be working in the P-2 area and Behrooz in the Year 5 and 6 classes.  Lisa will start off in Emily’s room and Behrooz in Chad’s class.

Computers Packing Up

Chad and Narelle are organising the packing up of our leased computers.  They have arranged the purchase of replacement computers which will be arriving next term.

Playground Updates

The Senior and Cluster Playgrounds will be inspected this coming Thursday by a playground auditor.  Additional playground equipment will be ordered this week. Narelle and I are putting in a funding submission for $20 000 for playground update to the Cluster Playground and I am also working on getting a concept design done for the Cluster Playground from Natural Play Solutions.

Term Planner for Term 2 – Will be emailed to you.  Please add/amend etc and get back to Sharin by cob Wednesday 8.30am.

Learning our names

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Check out Donna’s Kindy C Blog – fantastic blog!!

Kindy days are Happy days

We are learning how to hold a pencil correctly.

We are sitting at our desks and writing our names.

Kindy w7 005Kindy w7 006

Today we made our names using ‘letter’ blocks.

Kindy w7 017Kindy w7 020Kindy w7 022

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Check out Donna’s Pre- Kindy’s blog – just fantastic!!

From Little Things Big Things Grow

A big aim of our program is to foster social skills. Verbal and Non-verbal communication skills are developing at this age. The children have gone from the comfort zone of home,where their gestures and speech are understood by their family, to becoming part of a group ,where their gestures and speech may not be understood by their peers and teachers .Last year we found that interacting with their new found friends made the children’s communication skills develop rapidly as they wanted to play together in their games and to play they needed to be understood.

We are already seeing this happening. Apart from speech,the children are learning to share the equipment and wait their turn for things. They are playing together.

w7t1 039w7t1 012w7t1 013w7t1 004

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DAILY UPDATES to Monday Memo

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MHE School Catalogue 2015 now online!

The McGraw-Hill Education School Catalogue is now available online.

Teacher Registration Requirements
A reminder that all registered teachers with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia pay an annual fee due by 31 March.

Click on the link above to get you to the TRBWA website for online payments.

Water Corporation World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of fresh water resources. To help you celebrate World Water Day we are delighted to launch our new e-Learning activities! These five modules focus on key water topics that are important for all West Australians to understand.

Information from Department of Education via Eddymail Teacher Registration Requirements A reminder that all registered teachers with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia pay an annual fee due by 31 March. TEACHER REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS Annual fee – As you are aware, it is a requirement that all teachers registered with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) pay an annual fee as prescribed in the Teacher Registration Act 2012. The annual fee for 2015 is $84 and is due by 31 March.

Late payment of the annual fee incurs an additional fee of $52. If fees are not paid by 30 April, cancellation of registration may follow. Individuals who teach without being registered may be fined by the TRBWA up to $5000 for a first offence and up to $10000 for second and subsequent offences.

Teachers should pay the annual fee promptly which may be done online through the TRBWA website, by telephoning the TRBWA on 9230 0600 (country callers 1300 652 911) by emailing

Updating contact details Please remind your teachers that they have an obligation to keep their contact details up to date with the TRBWA. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a fine of $1 000. Contact details can be updated on the Teacher Login webpage. Visitors to the school:Tuesday to Thursday -Jesse Murphy and Larissa Groch from Carnarvon Community College to learn more about Synthetic Phonics implemenation.  They will be meeting with Chad, Wendy, Mandy, Kelsee and Jana.

CCTV damage – You will be pleased to know that all the alleged perpetrators have been identified by CCTV footage and that the police are following this up. CCTV footage has been provided to the police.

Staff photos – For those staff who were not here at the last photo shoot. Snapaction will be here on Friday 27th March between 2.30 and 3.30pm to take the remaining photos.

Here are the list of people who still need to have their photos taken: School Board Members – Ian Blayney, Irene Kelly, Bevan Gray, Mandy Reilly Staff: Sharin, Jackie, Colleen, Norisah, Jo, Melissa, Carol, Katrina-Lee, Donna